Easy trading with ProShipUs Warehouse

Easy trading with ProShipUs Warehouse

It is a large warehouse in the Doral region of Miami, Florida, USA, which has the feature of being your First Class Order Fulfillment and Logistics Partner.

What services do we offer?


The following services are offered at ProShipUs America Warehouse.


Receipt of goods



Opening a Return Package

goods distribution

Why should you choose ProShipUs Warehouse?


If you’re looking for more than just storage of your products, ProShipUs offers the perfect location and partnership for you. At our ProShipUs warehouse, our professional and competent team assists in the receipt, unpacking and repacking of your goods. Our warehouse has software-based management, so we can effectively assist you with your tasks.


If you want to rent a space for your own management and storage of your goods, this is also an option offered by ProshipUs.

How Are ProShipUs Fees Calculated?


Calculate Fulfillment Fees


As ProshipUs, we believe in the advantage of offering cost-effective pricing according to monthly order volumes for our customers who are and want to be successful in e-commerce. The more products you ship, the more you save.


We see our strong and reliable trade that develops with the companies that prefer our warehouse as a mutual partnership. We have a Monthly Minimum commitment that allows us to invest in key elements such as staff, processes, space and infrastructure, enabling us to provide your company with convenient, low-cost, reliable and scalable services. This fee is standardized based on your pickup fees and expected order volume.


What are your advantageous logistics solutions?


ProShipUs’ Virtual Carrier Network features an advanced shipping management strategy that ensures on-time delivery at the most competitive prices.

In addition to offering goods storage at our ProShipUs Miami warehouse, we also offer nationwide distribution of goods. We have the best moving location in Florida, with our warehouse located in the heart of America, with easy access to every location.

Our contracted cargo companies ensure that your products reach every state quickly and efficiently, and this partnership means we can also deliver to hard-to-reach places.

Contact us before it’s too late to benefit from special offers and get Intermediate warehouse service in America. Take advantage of what ProShipUs offers.

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