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Shopping From America

  Many people are aware that it is cheaper to shop from America and that it can reach more alternative products. Everyone can benefit from the charm of shopping in America. All individual or corporate customers can shop on the US as if they were living in the US from all E-commerce sites or vendors. Payment product control and cargo operations are met by us.






Pro Ship

Pro Logistics

Warehouse and Logistics Service

  Due to the sales force of the American market, many sellers outside of America want to take part in this platform. As ProShip, we are proud to be a seamless part of our customers’ business areas. In America, it will work just like your own office and import your products into America, storage, and cargo, such as workload, a warehouse service will be provided by our expert teams. We are ready to work as part of your team.





Pro Ship

Pro Trade

Sales and Marketing Service

  America; With a population of over 325 million and $ 2.4 trillion in imports, it is one of the most important markets in the world and a center of attraction for all developed and developing countries. If you are a manufacturer or intermediate wholesaler and you decide to offer your products as wholesale or retail in this market, we are ready to market your products with our expert sales team by doing necessary business plan, market research, competitor and competitive analysis.



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Pay Less

Combine your cargo packages when you buy products from one or more stores, and save on a one-time shipping charge, rather than paying for separate shipping costs for each package.

Shopping For You

Our Procurement Specialist will eliminate supply problems in the United States. Our team specializes in finding the best prices using our corporate partnership. If you are out of the US and you are unable to use Pay Pal or any other payment method, we will assist you in purchasing using P-Cards. We specialize in finding the best price for products.

Pro Logisstics

        For many manufacturers and retailers outside the US, selling in the US market is very lucrative, but this may be a problem because of the need for logistics. Pro Logistics is your professional solution to these challenges. Using our inventory management program to our customers through our warehouse in the US, it is now easy to sell on Amazon Ebay and many other platforms. We expect to work with you with low shipping costs and our expert team.

Pro Ship Depo

Siz istediğiniz platformlarda(Amazon, Ebay, Etsy vb.) satışınızı yapın biz depolayalım ve yerine ulaştıralım.

Depo, Mağaza ve Lokasyon olarak bağımsız bir sistem hayal edin. Amerika üzerinde farklı lokasyonlarda bulunan müşterilerinize satışınızı gerçekleştirebilir, Proship ile ürünlerinizi hızlı ve ekonomik olarak dünyanın her yerine ulaştırabilirsiniz.

Depolarımız ve personelimiz şirketinizin bir uzantısıdır. Bizimle ABD’daki ticaret ağınızı kurabilir ve tüm dünyaya ürün göndermeye başlayabilirsiniz. Ürünlerinizi dünya standartlarında depo ağımızda depolayacağız. Uzman kadromuz ürünlerinizi sıralayacak ve paketleyecek, böylece varış noktalarına güvenle ulaşacaklar.

Pro Ship Store

You want to sell your platforms (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.) We store and deliver instead.

Imagine an independent system in Warehouse, Store and Location. You can make your sales to customers in different locations on America and you can deliver your products to all over the world quickly and economically with Proship.

Our warehouses and staff are an extension of your company. With us you can set up your trading network in the US and start sending products to the world. We will store your products in our world class warehouse network. Our specialist staff will sort and pack your products so they can reach your destination safely.


We used our corporate relations to offer our customers the best transportation fees in the country and abroad. We send your products directly to the address in any part of the world with a door-to-door service. Our maritime experts will make sure you get the best price and service.

Envanter Yönetimi ve Stok Takibi

ProShip envanter yönetimi programı ile ister oturduğunuz yerden ister bilgisayarınızdan ürünlerinizi istediğiniz noktaya gönderebilir, depo, sevkıyat ve durum bilgilerini anlık olarak görüntüleyebilirsiniz. Tüm ihtiyaçlarınıza cevap vermek için tasarlanmıştır. Daha hızlı ve verimli çalışmak için biz hazırız.

Envanter yönetimi sistemlerimiz, ürünlerinizi aldıkça ve gönderirken gerçek zamanlı güncellemelere izin veren online mağazanıza entegre olabilir. Satışa odaklanmanız için alma, yönetme ve nakliye işlemini otomatik hale getiriyoruz. .

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Inventory Management and Inventory Tracking

With ProShip inventory management program, you can send your products to your desired location from where you are sitting or from your computer, and you can view the warehouse, shipment and status information instantly. Designed to meet all your needs. We’re ready to work faster and more efficiently.

Our inventory management systems can be integrated into your online store, allowing real-time updates when you receive and send your products. We’re automating the import, management and shipping process to focus on sales.

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Pro Fullfilment

ProCommerce system is not a package application.
We will share our strong marketing and sales experience that we have accumulated over many years with the companies that are fully flexible or specialized in the manufacturer or retailer business. In the United States, the step to be taken in the form of mutual win-win, both as e-commerce and direct marketing, will be a sales-focused commercial gain partnership. warehouse on America in the structure of the planned joint venture, marketing, distribution, financial affairs, to fulfill our all on the obligation we have our business we have gained experience in the hazırı, you can deliver your project, our office setup serving on the United States and Turkey is extremely fast, dynamic and performance-oriented Our sales and marketing team together to manage your business process to cover 360 degrees.

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