High volume returns are experienced on days when online shopping is intense, such as seasonal campaigns and special days (Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s / Father’s Day). So how can we keep our sales balanced during this period? We have some tips to reduce your return rate on your sales in America.

Pronetwork team, an expert in e-commerce storage, has written for you how you can get through such periods positively. Here are tips that will make it easier for you to avoid returns;


  1. Inadequacy of Explanations Increases the Return Rate.


Photos and descriptions are vital in online retailing. It is the photos that show the product, and its features and comments that sell it. Clear photographs taken from all angles, detailed description of size, color and features will reduce misunderstandings and eliminate the risk of returns. Getting comments from your customers and adding high-quality photos and videos allows the other party to get to know the product before making a purchase.


  1. Make sure your return periods are long.


If you ask for a return within 5 days, your customer will rush to return the product. However, if you say return within 15 days, your customer will have more time to think. He may get an opinion from those around him that the product should not be returned. During special days and campaign periods, the fast return option can be a serious workload for your operation. In Prroshipus warehouses, return processes are managed on your behalf.


How Do I Manage My Return Processes?

How Do I Reduce My Return Rate?


  1. Coupons Alternative to Returns


Many brands give store vouchers instead of full refunds, both in online and retail stores. Customers accept this without complaint. Even if the customer does not like a product and wants to return it, he does not give up shopping.


  1. Make Them Come to the Store.


For example, while you are selling in an online store, you also have a physical store, which is a great opportunity to attract customers. Accept returns from your region in-store only. You can even use expressions such as “Make your return from our store, meet many more options”.


  1. Clearly state return deadlines.


When returning a package, customers first and foremost expect their money to be refunded quickly. To reduce the number of calls to your call center, especially during busy shopping periods, online sellers need to proactively communicate and inform their customers about the status of the return via email.


How do I reduce my store’s return rate?

E-commerce returns management

E-commerce customer service


6.Train your customer service on returns


If consumers have questions about product returns, the first thing they do is call customer service. Adding details about the return process to the Frequently Asked Questions on your website or e-commerce platforms allows you to proactively respond to the most common customer questions. This includes return dates, return addresses, return label pickup instructions, etc. Information about. An AI-powered chatbot can be used for individual inquiries. It scans and categorizes past customer service requests, identifies frequently asked questions, and formulates response templates.

There is no need to get confused, your contracted e-commerce warehouses fully manage the return processes on your behalf. All you have to do is increase your sales. ProNetWork works for you to receive service from ProShipUs Miami warehouses. You can increase your sales in America by contacting us.

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