If you sell your product on your own e-commerce site and now decide to sell abroad in the USA, you can integrate it with your e-commerce site by purchasing ProShipUs storage service. ProShipUs supports you in all integration processes. If you sell your product on global marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, you can also integrate your stores in those channels into our storage software. You can get intermediate warehouse service before sending products to the Amazon warehouse. In the Amazon Fulfillment service, your products will be sent from Amazon’s own warehouse. In the first stage, you can plan to send products to the Amazon warehouse by getting service from an intermediate warehouse by appointment. Your products are listed and stored in a certain order on Amazon. When the order arrives, Amazon packages the product on your behalf and delivers it to the buyer.


What happens if my inventory in your warehouse runs out of stock? Will my sales be affected by this situation?

Thanks to our real-time inventory tracking system, it alerts you when stock levels are low. We work with you to implement restocking strategies so your sales are not impacted.


Do you do special packaging?


Yes, you can customize packaging materials and branding to create a unique unboxing experience for your customers. We offer different packaging options to suit your brand’s needs.

  Special Packaging: We are aware that each product is unique. Our ProShipUs warehouse experts work collaboratively with you to create customized packaging solutions that reflect your brand identity and enhance your customers’ unboxing experience.

Quality Materials: We use only the highest quality materials to ensure the safety of your products during transportation. Rest assured, your products will reach their destination in perfect condition.


Do I need to have a high order volume to use your warehouse? Can small businesses use your warehouse?


We cater to a wide range of businesses, from e-commerce stores to startups and established brands. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our fulfillment services can be customized by ProShipUs to meet your unique needs.


Do you manage returns and exchanges?

Our returns are designed to be received at our warehouse without any problems. We provide your customers with instructions to initiate returns, and upon receipt, we review and promptly process returns or exchanges according to your policies.

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