What is Intermediate Warehouse Service in America?

Intermediate warehouse service is a logistics service widely used in America and all over the world. You can systematically expand your trade volume by taking advantage of intermediate warehouse services. Intermediate warehouse service offered by PROShipUS; It enables businesses to meet their storage, inventory management and distribution needs. PROShipUS, which provides intermediate warehouse service, stores your products or inventory and manages this inventory according to customers’ demands. You can also safely manage your products’ packaging, proper storage, and shipping for e-commerce or wholesale sales with PROShipUS. If you want to sell products in America, export to America, become an international seller on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon or your own e-commerce site, the intermediate warehouse services we offer are just for you.

The main services we offer in our warehouse located in PROShipUS Miami Doral Region are as follows;

Storage: Temporary or long-term storage of your products is provided by PROShipUs. PROShipUs storage service helps you respond accurately to your business’s seasonal demands or production fluctuations. You know that your products are stored safely and under appropriate conditions.


Inventory Management: As your warehouse service provider, PROShipUs manages your inventory effectively. It involves monitoring, replenishing and optimizing the stock levels of your products. With PROShipUS software, you can easily access information such as how many products are left in your warehouse and the speed of your orders.


Regulatory Compliance: PROShipUs complies with American and global warehousing guidelines, regulations and standards to ensure your products comply with storage, packaging and shipping requirements.


Distribution: We offer distribution services to ensure timely delivery of your products to customers or sales points. Your products are sent to your customers completely from PROShipUS, your intermediate warehouse, at advantageous prices from PROShipUS’ contracted cargo companies, UPS, DHL, Fedex, and United States Postal Service.


Warehouse Software: PROShipUS uses warehouse software from modern logistics technologies to facilitate inventory management and tracking of your products in our warehouse. Thus, you can remotely control the management of your products in our warehouse.


PROShipUs helps businesses effectively manage their inventory and better respond to customer demands. At the same time, we facilitate our customers’ logistics operations by reducing their costs with our advantageous storage prices. By providing intermediate warehouse services, we play an important role in helping many sectors do business in America.

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