Let Your Business Start in Miami

Let Your Business Start in Miami.


Conventional wisdom is giving way to speed, e-commerce will reach record-breaking levels in 2023.

E-commerce is becoming more preferred every year for reasons such as fast delivery, easy returns and easy sales. The biggest reason why Amazon achieves high turnover is customer satisfaction, rapid adaptation to consumer needs, and fast delivery and order fulfillment time. The faster your e-commerce package delivery speed, the more your profit margin will increase.


Should I get two-day or faster delivery on Amazon?

How can I start e-commerce in America?

How can I get intermediate warehouse service?

What is Intermediate Warehouse?


Get an offer now to answer your questions.


Cheap and Free Delivery Increases Sales


If a consumer absolutely does not need same-day delivery, it is obvious that he will accept a longer delivery time to save money. The top two reasons why shoppers worldwide buy directly from brands are better price (53%) and free delivery (49%), followed by fast delivery (36%) at the bottom of the list.

For 69.2% of American online shoppers, free shipping is the top choice when it comes to delivery options. So, free delivery is much more important than fast delivery.

Sustainability also plays an important role in influencing consumers’ delivery speed preferences at checkout. We see that online shoppers automatically choose the fastest free delivery time. We know that slower delivery time saves fuel, reduces emissions and puts less strain on trucks and other resources.




I Need Warehouse in Miami.


The first step before you start selling in America is to send your products to the warehouse. How much investment is required?

In the first stage, you will need to make an investment of 200 – 800 USD to export your products and send them to America with logistics service. Your inventory will enter our warehouse and be processed into the system, and you will now have an agreement with a warehouse in Miami to bring you closer to your customers. Once you have a warehouse where you can deliver your orders to the whole of America within 1-3 business days, you can start making sales. The storage service will not be as high as you expected. A price list suitable for you is created by calculating the area your products occupy and shipping costs. In any case, you will spend less money than shipping your products from different countries for each order.

How many warehouses you’ll need depends on factors including everything from your brand’s number of SKUs to where your customers are concentrated. In the first stage, you can manage all these processes with a single warehouse. ProShipUs is the right address for this.


Advantages of Using a Warehouse in America


Reduce Order Abandonment Rate. Most online shoppers will abandon their carts if they are unhappy with their delivery options, especially when they need fast delivery. This will not be the case when you have a warehouse in America.

Make Customer Experience Seamless. You can be a hero to customers who need a quick purchase, get great reviews and increase your sales.


Gain a competitive advantage. Not every competitor will be wise to offer fast delivery. You win when speed matters.

Enable instant purchases. Offering fast delivery options allows you to be the solution for buyers in a hurry.


Expand into the American Market Beyond a Limited Geography

Marketplaces now offer delivery options from all over the world. They cannot provide the same fast delivery everywhere; For example, the average cost of a product going from Turkey to America is between 100-200 USD. When you agree with a warehouse, this fee will be halved. Your order tracking will be easier.

Fast Delivery is Important for a Limited Time. Increase your turnaround time for special occasions where fast delivery is requested, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Offer this as a way to increase total order amounts through a promotion, customer satisfaction, or minimum order requirement.


ProShipUs offers you the advantage of increasing customer satisfaction and sales with fast delivery.

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