Online Store Opening is Costly

Online Store Opening is Costly ?

Cost increases in online stores, decreasing customer demand and full warehouses that can only be emptied with discounts: maintaining profitability has never been as difficult for online stores as it is today. Competition has increased, it is possible to find hundreds of the same product at the same price. Comparison sites do this for you. To turn the competition in your favor and be successful in e-commerce, follow us and stay informed about the developments in the world.

Although online retailing seems to be the most profitable business, the costs of online retailing are increasing as technology and consumer needs change. Costs can increase considerably when it comes to packaging the product differently and stylishly, providing customer service support, renting a warehouse, shipping costs, and return management. A customer of ours who uses a ProShipus warehouse, where he can ship to his customers from America using only the right warehouse, made a profit of 80,000 USD. Thus, it reduced costs and increased profitability.

Order Fulfillment Saves Money.

Do you request a price for every order from your contracted or non-contracted transportation companies? Are you intimidated by the increasing shipping costs when sending products from different countries ? The most important savings item in e-commerce is low shipping costs. Large order fulfillment warehouses such as Pronetwork and Proshipus make profitable volume agreements with world-famous global logistics companies and provide their customers with cost advantages. It is not possible to do this individually. Online store owners can also save on international shipping. Proshipus warehouse operates a network of logistics centers in America where your products are stored closer to your customers. Located in the Doral area of Miami, this warehouse serves as a full-service e-commerce warehouse. It means companies will only pay regional shipping fees rather than international shipping fees. It also means they can get your products to customers faster and cheaper, thus gaining a competitive advantage.

Optimize your returns process.

If you want to increase your profitability, you need efficient yield management. Even before you buy, detailed product descriptions and smart size advisors help you choose the right products. You need to use technology and care about software. Having a software infrastructure in the warehouse you work in will take you forward. Correct management of your return processes is an important savings item.

E-commerce store costs

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What You Need to Sell Online

More and more brands are foregoing free returns to reduce their costs. By using a returns portal, online stores can also define rules for what happens if the cost of the return exceeds the value of the goods. Inquiry and analysis of return reasons can be carried out in a much more product-specific manner via the returns portal compared to the attached returns form.

By working with a fully comprehensive warehouse, international shippers can manage all return processes through this warehouse and save costs.

There is also huge savings potential in automating the returns process: It helps assign each return an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which will serve as a reference for the entire returns process. Additionally, sellers should ensure that product availability in the store is automatically updated when a return is received. Customers should be automatically notified via email when a return is received and a refund is issued. ProShipUs warehouse will do all this on your behalf. Return management is one of the most important items of our warehouse services.

Improve Service, Increase Sales, Lower Costs

Providing a Customer Representative service can reduce the burden of classic communication channels such as telephone or e-mail for frequently asked questions by an average of 30% – 40%. The acceptance of such services is also constantly increasing as it saves your customers time when they can easily resolve their own concerns. What you need to pay attention to is that the website must be easy to find and, above all, accessible.

We can say that the use of artificial intelligence has a great impact on further increasing the cost reduction in customer services. AI can provide customer service representatives with real-time recommendations for specific questions and speed up responses to customer concerns. This solution can easily reduce costs initially by 40-50% while maintaining a positive customer experience.

If you want to be at your customers’ service on weekends or in the evenings, or if you want to offer your customer service in more than one language, you should carefully consider whether you want to use internal staff for this or whether you would be better off covering these off-peak times with external staff.

If you have questions about opening an online store, possible costs, and if you want to sell in America, we will answer all your questions.

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