Start Selling to America Today

Are you expanding your business and wanting to export to America? PROShipUS. Partner with and start selling your products in America today! You can access all information about PROShipUS on our website and start selling your products today by getting special prices. We use our own software for reliable, fast and easy warehouse management and sales tracking. With our cloud-based warehouse software, being away does not prevent you from managing the system. PROShipUS is the only place you need to start your e-commerce immediately.

How Does Our System Work?

  • Let us know the volume and quantity of your products to be stored.
  • Send your products to our Miami warehouse with our contracted cargo.
  • We start storing your products in our warehouse in Miami.
  • From the moment the first order arrives, we prepare and ship your order.
  • We send the product to your customer with an affordable price advantage from the cargo companies we have agreements with.
  • If your product is returned, our warehouse receives the product and the products are managed in our warehouse according to your return policy.

What are the advantages?

  • The country where the products are shipped is visible to the buyer during the order, so your customer knows that he will pay less shipping costs than in the USA. This increases sales.
  • Instead of sending your product one by one from Turkey, our warehouse sends it on your behalf, and you just follow the sales through the system.
  • PROShipUS offers different delivery methods for the same product. We can get affordable and advantageous shipping prices.
  • PROShipUS ship not only to e-commerce, but also to your dealers and sellers in America.
  • PROShipUS report to you about delivered orders, returns and all processes.
  • PROShipUS integrated with all e-commerce systems.
  • Order submission in 3 easy steps.
  • PROShipUS helps you grow your business and compete with your major competitors. Ship products to our Miami PROShipUs warehouse now to start shipping products to your customers.
  • PRODUCT RETURN Procedures Are Easily Managed
  • Complete Integration
  • Handling & Packaging
  • Shipping to Your Customers
  • Services to Ship Your Products to Amazon FBA Warehouse
  • Our fulfillment centers can fulfill all your business demands, while you focus on growing your business, the PROShipUS team works for you.

Accepting Returns

Your customers can send returned products directly back to our fulfillment warehouse.

Return Processing

We can accept and process your returns and add the appropriate products back to inventory. We can add your returns back to your inventory.

Special Instructions

Your specific instructions on how you would like us to process your returns will apply.

Returning Products

If you do not want it to be added back to your inventory, we can ship your items to you.

Resend Products

We can reship your products to customers if necessary.

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