Trade Between World and America

Trade Between World and America

The increase in the exchange rate of the dollar in your country has directed producers and sellers towards earning in dollars. This situation has led suppliers, manufacturers, and individuals engaged in e-commerce in your country to think about questions like “How can I sell abroad?” and “How can I earn in dollars in America?” If you’re saying, “I want to sell in America, I want to send products to the Amazon store in America, I want to open stores on America’s Ebay and Etsy, I want to sell on Walmart in America,” you’re in the right place. As ProshipUs, we will explain how you can sell in America.


Find the Right Product for High Sales

Your first priority is to find the right product. How confident are you in the product you intend to sell? Have you researched your competitors in America? By first finding a product you believe in, you take the first step in selling in America. Once you find and source the product, we move on to the next steps.


Send Orders from America

Selling products from all over the World and shipping them to your customers from your location is a costly method. Therefore, we recommend using an intermediary warehouse in America to open up to the American market. This American warehouse will take care of sending your products, complete packaging when an order is received, managing returns if the customer requests it, and more. Using a warehouse eliminates the need for you to individually package and send the products for each order.


Amazon Intermediary Warehouse

If you want to sell on Amazon, you still need an intermediary warehouse. After sending your products to the warehouse, you can proceed with the process of opening your Amazon store. When you open a store on Amazon, it won’t initially give you the Buy Box option, meaning you will need to send your products to Amazon’s warehouse. Since this delivery needs to be scheduled, it is appropriate for a warehouse to do this on your behalf. Therefore, by working with a warehouse, you can easily manage these processes.


After sending your products to the warehouse and having your inventory ready, you can now list your products on your e-commerce site, Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, Amazon, and other platforms.

Start your marketing quickly. From the moment you receive an order, ProshipUs will handle warehouse and logistics operations on your behalf. Therefore, you only need to upload products to your website, take photos of your products, and determine the pricing of your products. Because the most challenging and labor-intensive part of the e-commerce system, logistics, and return management processes, will be managed by a warehouse on your behalf.

This is not something you can do individually every time; our warehouse software manages all kinds of operations on your behalf. Another risk of sending from your location is that if you cannot make the right delivery with the courier company at the right time, your stores on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay, which you have opened on the internet, may be closed. Customer satisfaction is essential to sell on these platforms. Stores like Amazon require you to commit to delivering to your customers flawlessly. The most crucial strength of your e-commerce store is delivery. You must make an error-free delivery. Let ProshipUs do it at very low costs for you, and you can run towards success.

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