How Can I Sell on Amazon in America?

How Can I Sell on Amazon in America?

E-commerce sales of the products we produce or the products we buy from manufacturers are both profitable and the easiest form of sales. It is a great opportunity to sell products on Amazon, one of the largest and most accepted e-commerce sites in the world. If you are keen on the idea of selling your products on e-commerce sites other than Amazon, or if you are already selling on these sites, your next step should be Amazon. So, how about starting your business journey in America, one of the most sold countries in the world, instead of Amazon in your country ? If you want to sell on Amazon in America, if you want to earn foreign currency through e-commerce, if you want to go global by opening your brand abroad, we will have a very advantageous offer for you.


First of all, sending your products abroad and selling abroad is not as difficult as you think. All you have to do is make this decision. The rest is actually a system-based process and it works easier than you think. We become involved in the process the moment you decide to send your products abroad. Not only Amazon, but also your own e-commerce site, Ebay, Shopify and Etsy are sales sites where you can easily operate this system. When you send your products to our warehouse, your products are kept in the right conditions in our software-based warehouse. An appointment is made for you to sell on Amazon. Your products are kept in safe hands until the appointment day and time. It is on its way to be sent to the Amazon warehouse. Your products sent to the Amazon warehouse are available for sale. Then, as your inventory decreases in the Amazon warehouse, your products will be shipped from the ProShipUs warehouse. Very special prices are obtained from our contracted cargoes. While you carry out your e-commerce, we carry out the order fulfillment, shipping and return management processes on your behalf.


To sell on Amazon, you will need an intermediate warehouse. The role of the intermediate warehouse is to act as a bridge between you and Amazon. Amazon may not offer a buy-it-now option to its suppliers who will open their first store. In this case, the products you will put up for sale must first be sent to Amazon customers by a warehouse. Then, as your sales increase, Amazon will direct you to its warehouse. In some cases, you can also ship initial sales from the Amazon warehouse. In this case, you will still need an intermediate tank. Amazon accepts products into its warehouse by appointment. Appointments are determined by date and time. You must keep the appointment at that time and deliver your products to the place you are told. It may not be easy to manage this operation from Turkey. You need to position yourself in the Amazon warehouse at the time of appointment with contracted reliable cargo companies.


America is one of the countries with the largest sales volume in the world. Amazon is one of the most reliable e-commerce stores in the world. By using the right sales channels in the right country, millions of people earn serious income beyond additional income. Why shouldn’t this be you? America is a big market and almost every product has buyers. Your product may also be put up for sale and preferred by many users. ProShipUs manages the entire process for you. In our software-based warehouse, your products are carefully

packaged and delivered to cargo. You can manage the process and your inventory from anywhere in the world. You can track stock.

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