Start Selling in America

Start Selling in America

We have a great solution that will guide your business. Selling your products via e-commerce is a method that grows and develops day by day. If you sell your products through local online sales channels in your country for a globalizing form of trade and your products are preferred, appreciated and purchased again and again, we have a very good offer for you to expand abroad. You can start selling your products in America with the ProshipUs warehouse located in Miami, USA. So how will this happen? Let us tell you, you will see that selling in America is not as difficult as you think. First of all, your products arrive at our warehouse in ProShipUs’ Miami Doral region. As the order arrives, the products are sent to your customers from the warehouse, you can package them and send them to us, and we can offer this service to you in our warehouse.


You can place your products in a large box to be stored in our warehouse, and then your products will be sent to your customers from our warehouse by a cargo company. If you are looking for suitable logistics solutions for the first shipment of your products from your country to America, our team will support you in this regard. Please contact us to get affordable prices for cargo.

After you send your products to our warehouse, your record is opened in our warehouse software, and this record includes your information, our products’ information, your inventory, in short, everything about you. Then, you sell your products on platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Wallmart, Etsy. As soon as you receive an order for your products, ProShipUs steps in, packages it on your behalf, ships it on your behalf, issues the invoice on your behalf, and you don’t have to deal with anything. We manage the entire ordering process on your behalf


America’s largest supermarket chain, Wallmart, orders products from various suppliers in Turkey and these products are sent to different distribution centers in the USA. If you want to be one of these suppliers, you can send your products to ProshipUs. ProShipUs is one of the authorized warehouses that can ship products from any supplier to Wallmart warehouses. Your Wallmart orders are prepared to be sent from ProshipUs warehouses to Wallmart stores and warehouses, according to the necessary instructions.

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